Our Mission
To create mosaics of the highest quality using the same artistic techniques originally used by the ancient Romans.

Who We Are
Phoenician Arts has been at the forefront of the mosaic art industry, characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an ability to adapt to the evolving market, and a readiness to explore modern concepts and designs. We are market leaders in mosaics and considered one of the best in the industry, however we haven't let this change our values. We offer our customers unparalleled value for money

Phoenician Arts prides itself in creating fully handmade mosaics from all natural marble and semi-precious stones, based on the same techniques used by the Greek, Romans and the Byzantines. Thus, the color of the tiles remain intact over time, regardless of weather and will last for generations.

Our Workshop is located in the biblical land of Lebanon, known for its rich history of the Phoenician people, the ''Cedars of Lebanon'' and the presence of the Roman and Ottoman Empires for many generations.

Phoenician Arts currently retain over 85 talented artists capable of creating unique artistic pieces and reproducing any illustration related to various subjects from ancient mythology to modern themes. We provide customized pieces based on clients' needs if requested.

We specialize in figures and scene themes, and have been able to reproduce the most complex mosaic scenes originally created by the Romans and which can still be found in Tunisia and other famous archeological sites.

Our web site provides some instructions on installation and we can provide support assistance to our customers through email or phone.