Mosaic Decor

Monday, July 23, 2012
Mosaic Decor:

In plain simple words, mosaic is the art of putting together small pieces of tiles (marble or glass) of different shapes and colors. You can do them by yourself or you can buy and collect them, you will always need creative ideas on what to decorate with your mosaic.

It is not actually very hard, a mosaic can be placed anywhere!

Whether you got bored with your old tabletop, your counter top got excessively scratched or you want to decorate your walls and floors, a mosaic is a great choice with many benefits.

Choosing a mosaic décor can make any furniture look like a piece of art, and choosing to install it on a wall or on the floor adds a vibrant effect to any room.
A mosaic, with its different colors and sizes, can be designed into a pattern or into any drawing you want, making it very customized to your needs and giving it the ability to speak up about you.
Taking into consideration the mosaic’s durability, the most common rooms for these tiles are usually the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen, they are frequently used as kitchen back splashes or kitchen floor tiles. As for the bathroom, they are either used as floor tiles, bathroom walls or as bathroom sinks and vanity tops.
No matter where you choose to install your mosaic, it is always best to choose colors that go with the room décor keeping in mind that you might choose to change the style later on.
The mosaic will add an appealing touch anywhere. On a tabletop, it adds style to the area. On the bedroom wall, it adds energy to the room. As a picture or mirror frame, it puts additional flair on the piece.

This artwork can be installed indoor and outdoor with same effect and benefits. In an outdoor garden, the mosaic is especially useful with its durability and ability to withstand heat and humidity. It can be placed on top of the barbecue grill for a decorative effect or as a small bar counter top to add liveliness to the set up.

You can choose to make mosaic out of your old shattered glass plates or with a professional kit; either way it is a great useful hobby to take up that can save you a lot of money if installed in the right spots.

Here is a short video to help you get started with a few kitchen backsplash ideas: Kitchen Backsplash By