Pool Art

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Pool Art

Ever wondered why some pools differ from others? How a simple change in layout can make your pool more attractive? Or how adding a few plants and trees can change the whole theme? In every pool, whether in your backyard or in a resort, find out which small changes can turn a pool into the place you dream.

You can start by simply adding green to your pool. Green and blue are known to be the most relaxing colors, put them together and you’ll get a peaceful paradise. The green will make people connect with the nature. By green, we mean trees and plants that would look nice, especially palm trees if you want to add a tropical touch to your area.

Another step is to think about arranging the furniture around the pool. For example, where to place the bar, how to position the chairs and which colors to use are essentials.  You can put small groups of chairs together with a table and parasol around them or you can group chairs of 2 together depending on how you see the layout. Of course, you should add cushions with colors matching the general setting on your plastic chairs to make them comfortable for the eye and the back.

 To embellish your pool and make it more practical, you can always add a pergola in the corner or on the sides to provide adjustments for sun or shade. Under the pergola, supply places to sit, eat, drink and even nap. There is nothing better than a break from the sun in the middle of a hot day. Also to keep people at ease, add showers in the corners so people can rinse off before entering the pool.

One of the most important features that control the ambiance is music. You can play slow relaxing music or you can have natural water sounds through installing a fountain that either t spills in the pool or is next to it, allowing you to get rid of neighboring noise and to concentrate on relaxing.

The swimming pool tiles themselves should be artistic. A mosaic at the bottom or on side walls adds the artistic touch and has other benefits as well. Depending on the shape of your pool, you can choose to install medallions or geometric tiles, with different colors and themes. Usually, a Greek theme is used with medallions and a nautical theme with geometric tiles.

Lighting in a pool can change the mood of the entire night. It is important to install lights at the bottom of your pool or on the sides to enable you to swim after dark. Also, have your lights in different colors so you will be able to change the light color depending on your mood.

There are many ways to make your pool more attractive. These ways include the change in lights, putting in some green, controlling the sound and adding artistic touch through swimming pool tiles decorative mosaics.

To get more ideas, check some of our installed pool work. and check this video about pool tiles.